Start’s production is composed of two main groups: controlscables.
The controls, finalized to manage the machines performances, consists of levers, devices and pedals which are combined with the corresponding mechanical cables, electric cabling and sensors.
The cables are realized according to the customer’s drawing, to manage the machines controls or, more generally, to remote control the movement transmission.

The many years’ experience accumulated in different application sectors is put at disposal by Start’s staff for a proper and efficient functioning of the control.

Start’s production of Bowden cables includes the designing and the construction of sheaths and wires for the realization of traction, traction and compression and rotation flexibles transmission cables. A wide range of sheaths, wires, standard terminals and terminals realized according to a drawing is available to operate control devices of machines, mechanical components and applications of various kind. The whole thing is studied and created to meet the customer’s different application exigences.

Here below you will find the representation of the standard components. Using the corresponding numbers for each article, it is possible to create the preferred choice. Other versions are possible upon request.

Start’s adjustment and control systems are finalized to manage the machines performances and the operator’s safety in the best way, through qualified mechanical, electric and electronic operations.
The controls offer is classified by product categories and sub-categories, to facilitate their searching, their identification and the corresponding in-depth analysis.