Design and production


The professionalism of the technical department, listening to customers, the close collaboration relationship, the experience acquired in various fields of application: these are the conditions that Start relies on to provide customers with the best response as regards functionality, reliability and design. Conditions of knowledge that also ensure the best price-quality relationship.


To ensure high production quality, all the most significant stages are managed in-house, from an accurate selection of raw materials of European origin to the moulding of all the thermoplastic components, carried out with automatic and robotic machines and systems of the latest generation, guided by specialised expert operators. For Start, personnel is a key resource and, as such, is trained to guarantee high quality standards in production.


Discover the complete list of our mechanical and electronic products.

Quality control

We offer the absolute certainty of supplying our customers with impeccable products.

Consulting and technical assistance

Our company offers a qualified consulting service able to guarantee the highest performance at the best costs.

Fields of application

The wide range of Start solutions satisfies the demands of customers operating in different industrial sectors.