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Start: to regulate and control machinery, equipment and systems

Start was founded in 1979, fruit of the passion that its founder, Giovanni Rossi, has always felt for making controls and mechanical transmissions. Ever since it was founded, the company has constantly developed its skills and extended its offer, backed up by important investments and innovative production processes.

Design and production

The professionalism of the technical department and an accurate selection of raw materials: these are the conditions that Start relies on.


The qualified adjustment and operating controls realised by Start are mechanical and electronic, completed with the corresponding transmission cables. Start products pursue the goal of enhancing the performance and the aesthetics of the machines on which they are installed, in compliance with the international regulations in force: this is why they are appreciated all over the world.

Quality control

We offer the absolute certainty of supplying our customers with impeccable products.

Consulting and technical assistance

Our company offers a qualified consulting service able to guarantee the highest performance at the best costs.

Fields of application

The wide range of Start solutions satisfies the demands of customers operating in different industrial sectors.


Since its inception, Formula One has established itself as the ultimate performance expression in the automotive industry. For a long time and ever more today, the various teams are real research and development laboratories, in which new technologies are conceived,...

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Start: a qualifying production enhancement

The molding of all the thermoplastic components has always been realized in-house with automatic robotic machines and systems. With the beginning of the current year, we have strenghtened the production, installing a new fleet of state-of-the-art injection molding...

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SM 180: engine start with removable key

A new device, studied and produced for the start of endothermic engines with electric starting. A control designed to be practical in its use and totally safe, thanks to the removable key that avoids accidental or made by third-parties ignition. This new solution will...

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